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Doctor Who: Christopher Eccleston (2005)

Take yourselves back to 2005 when Christopher Eccleston crash landed onto your screens as the new Doctor… pretty good moment right? Well, I’m going to help you relive the experience piece by piece.

Many Whovians (The term used for the fans of Doctor Who), find Chris’s Doctor as the ‘tester’ Doctor and much prefer David Tennant and Matt Smith, but let’s not forget he is the first Doctor, without whom Doctor Who wouldn’t be the same. Eccleston’s Doctor was a clever, caring but with a more warrior/soldier mindset compared to the others. His acting was absolute perfection with a cherry on top, especially in my personal favourite ‘The Doctor Dances’ (Episode 10) purely because he shows the Doctor’s caring side and how vulnerable he can be. It is also the first time we meet the handsome Captain Jack Harkness; the 51st Century Time Agent who is hiding as a Second World War Pilot in England’s capital – London. All of Chris’s performances were emotional in some way or other, but the finale of Series One, Bad Wolf/Parting of The Ways, is the last time we see Eccleston as our Doctor and it is a heart-wrenching end to the much loved character. I fear no one would have been able to leave the series with much more dignity than Eccleston.


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