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Doctor Who: Matt Smith (2010 – Present)

Matt Smith, the youngest Doctor Who star of the entire series. Isn’t it ironic how the oldest Doctor is played by the youngest actor? Anyway, despite his young age his talent is flawless. His ‘hipster’ attitude takes the Doctor to new depths, namely a bow tie and braces, but he also fashions a Fez and Stetson in some cases… “it’s all about the accessories”.

David Tennant’s heart-wrenching finale made fans take an instant dislike to the new Matt Smith purely because in their eyes he had taken David’s Doctor away and David had left very, very large shoes for him to fill. The majority of fans thought that he would never be as good as David and therefore watched The Eleventh Hour  with an, already expected, vision of failure. Needless to say it didn’t take long for the young actor to show his worth and make the fans feel he was deserving of one of the unique 13-regenerations. Every actor brings an element of individuality to the Doctor and for Matt Smith it is his childishness; the audience sees, on several occasions, Amy (played by the wonderful Karen Gillan) care for The Doctor in a parental way, namely The Big Bang where The Doctor gives Amy and Rory a house and leaves them to share ‘a bigger adventure’. Matt Smith’s Doctor takes on Rory and Amy, the first husband and wife to feature in the TARDIS, the fact that River is their daughter makes it seem like The Doctor is taking the entire family on aswell. There are still some ambiguities in Series 5 regarding the love dynamic between Amy and The Doctor but that is soon cleared up in Series 6 (namely Day of the Moon), this leaves a more welcoming best-friend feel to the duo, much like that of Donna and Ten.

Despite the popular solemn take on the Doctor, we rarely see that with Matt, it’s not unheard of (he touches upon it in The Beast Below) but he prefers to keep the feeling light, which is brave considering the history of the Timelord is precious to The Doctor. I really really like how Matt has chosen to play this role and make it 100% fresh, he is a truly brilliant actor and I hope to see him get the recognition he deserves.



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