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Great Expectations (2012)

Dicken’s 1861 novel Great Expectations has been re-incarnated again by Director: Mike Newell and starring: Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter and Robbie Coltrane to name but a few. The storyline is the same; a young Pip (Toby Irvine) leaves his marshland home to be educated to become a Gentleman in London, funded by an unknown benefactor. The well educated Pip (Jeremy Irvine) then launches into a quest to fulfil his  life of ‘great expectations’ which he believes to have been thrust upon him by Miss Havisham (Helena Bonham Carter), little does he know that Magwich (Robbie Coltrane) is the mysterious sponsor.

I was very impressed by the cast in this remake. The fact that the talented Helena Bonham Carter has been involved in a film that is not made by her husband, benefits her durability greatly. Her talent is unquestionably brilliant but combined with the genius of Ralph Fiennes and the young embers of Jeremy Irvine, it creates a collaboration to be envied. None of the actors pretend to act in the same way as the classic 1946 edition with Tony Wager as Pip, which does them credit because in most peoples’ opinion, the original dramatisation.

Overall Rating: ★★★


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