Iron Man 3

I’m a huge fan on Robert Downey Jr but I do think that leaving the Iron Man character as a trilogy is the best thing, he himself has also agreed that it’s best to quit whilst we’re ahead. I hope he’ll still appear in things such as Avengers 2 (which at point of writing he still hasn’t accepted).

Iron Man 3 sees a more raw Tony Stark battle with his past and more specifically the events of New York (see The Avengers). His normally arrogant and self obsessive behaviour is compromised by high levels of anxiety or PTSD. It begins in Bern, Switzerland in the 90s when he makes an enemy of what later becomes a very powerful company with the ability to create a drug which could see the end of physical disabilities and improve health and fitness, which sounds brilliant, right? Wrong, it’s highly addictive and it turns out people are unable to regulate the drug and end up exploding and killing millions. Aldrich Killian, the very person Stark had blown off (so-to-speak) in Bern is now head of private think-tank, AIM, who seem to have a vendetta about the American Government and their lack of penalties on high flying oil leaders and such. After Killian and his home-grown terrorist ‘The Mandarin’ played by Ben Kingsley seriously injure Stark’s favourite security guard, Happy, Tony issues a death threat to ‘The Mandarin’ but unfortunately they have other less involved plans which include missiles and air strikes… on Stark’s luxury cliff-side mansion in Malibu Point. Although his house is in ruins he manages to get Pepper to safety and unintentionally make the world believe he had died in the attack. After nearly dying in the attack, Jarvis flies his conscious body hundreds of miles away when eventually Jarvis runs out of battery and breaks down, so with a broken suit and only a 10 year old and his garage to fix his suit and save the world Tony has an anxiety attack… wait, what? Yeah, even superheroes aren’t perfect and I think that’s why I like this version of Iron Man we see him so vulnerable and more human than superhuman, he finally has something he cares about more than himself, Pepper. I won’t spoil the ending because it’s worth watching but I think you’ll agree that this movie finishes Iron Man perfectly so although I’ll still be keen to watch Iron Man 4 I think it will be a bit of a shame.

Overall Rating: ★★★★



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