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Sherlock: Series 1 (2010)

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman make the perfect duo for the modern remake of Sherlock Holmes. Aired this August (2010) was the  first modernisation of Sherlock Holmes, written by the fantastic Mark Gatiss and the genius Steven Moffat. Not only is Mark the writer, but he also stars as Sherlocks brother, Mycroft. Steven is also the brains behind the new series of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. He also created a few episodes for other series of Dr Who, such as Blink and Girl in the Fireplace. So there really is no surprise as to why Sherlock was so good.

The Science of Deduction

The way Benedict Cumberbatch played Sherlock was truly brilliant, he had that flare and slight cheekiness which made his acting unmissable. Steven and Mark wrote his script amazingly well, making Sherlock’s deduction of the facts truly spectacular. Martin Freeman, as Dr Watson, was also brilliant, his humour and war scars intrigued viewers. He starts off as a slightly rough and ready character, but turns  into a caring man after meeting fellow colleague Sarah, at the Hospital, which leads to dates… at the circus.

Benedict’s performance was clearly first class, the ability to act an a-sexual character can sometimes be a problem for actors, but he pulled it off really well. Martin’s skills were also put to the test, because, well, most people know him to be more of a comedy actor, (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) and for him to show that he can do serious, might have been a struggle, but he pulled out all the stops, and it was fantastic.

This series is like a cross between Miss Marple, and Kidulthood (Noel Clarke’s film). It’s new, and boy does it work. There is expected to be a second series of Sherlock, after this one being such a hit. The Cliffhanger also supports this rumour, as we don’t know if Sherlock will shoot the bomb or not…

For those of you who haven’t seen this amazing series, I recommend you to.

Overall Review: ★★★★★


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