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The Impossible (2012)




Director, Juan Antonio Bayona, has taken the events of the 2004 tsunami which ferociously battered the majority of South-West Asia, inspired by the specific events of a family of survivors who were holidaying in Thailand at the time the tsunami hit. Ewan McGregor acts opposite Naomi Watts as parents, of the three kids: Tom Holland  as Lucas, Samuel Joslin as Thomas and Oaklee Pendergast as Simon.

The Impossible tells the story of Henry Bennett (Ewan McGregor), a British businessman working in Japan, his wife Maria (Naomi Watts), a temporarily retired doctor, and their three preteen sons. They are spending their Christmas holidays in a luxury resort and whilst playing with their presents and snorkelling in the resort’s pool, when their happiness is interrupted by Henrygetting a text from his Boss saying that he is going to be fired from his job. Henry feels his life is metaphorically crashing around his feet then suddenly it does.

Overall rating: ★★★★


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