The week I swapped Radio 1 for Radio 4…

It all started on Twitter. The BBC (@BBCFeedback) were asking if any Radio 4 lover, would be willing to swap to Radio 1, and vice-versa. So my Step-Mum, Heather (@MrsCordial) and I decided to reply (along with several others) and we just assumed it would be some sort of self-experiment, or out of those who had replied, the liklihood of us being chosen, was VERY slim. Nevertheless, when my Step-Mum texted me during my Psychology lesson saying ‘The BBC might want to interview us, and be on National Radio!’ – I did get a flutter of nerves and a ‘what-have-I-let-myself-into’ moment, but still secretly excited!

So we’ve had an interview, and was broadcasted on Friday 26th Novemeber 2010, and 1:30pm, then a follow-up interview this Friday. Catch it on Audioboo here: http://audioboo.fm/BBCRadioFeedback

Right, It’s been a good start to the Radio Swap so far, and I’ve actually surprised myself and found that The Archers is actually quite good! I’ve listened to quite a few Podcasts, like The Archers omnibus and Woman’s hour. And I’ve found out a lot more about current affairs by waking up to the Today programme, which has proved useful in college when discussing the University cuts and EMA cuts because some local colleges have been protesting. However, I’ve not been able to listen to the Chart Show with Reggie Yates on BBC Radio 1, but Heather and I have formed a deal, I will tell her what has been happening in The Archers and she will tell me what is Number 1! Fair deal?

Here’s my Audioboo link where you can follow my day-to-day struggle : http://audioboo.fm/Smidge_xo


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